friday night at the base








Friday Night @ the BASE is a small, special youth group for young people who find large or noisy group activities difficult to cope with.  Our aim is to provide an opportunity for these young people to develop confidence and independence and to make friends in a safe and understanding environment.


We host trips and events throughout the year, some events are specific to this group, some are for all young people and families.  These events include Movie Nights (with pizza and popcorn!), meals and trips bowling.  Young people also have an opportunity to join our bands (Big Bible Band or Jammin’ With Jesus) or drama group.



8th September


22nd September ​(icing caked for MacMillan)


6th and 20th October


21st October (Saturday) - MOVIE NGHT


10th and 24th November

8th December (baking mincepies)


​9th December (Saturday) - Christmas Meal




for further details

contact Andrena Palmer


Tel: 07599 090425