Rainbow Room

Soft Play Space at Christ Church

'a safe place to play' for children with 'additional needs'* and their families and friends

*by 'additional needs', we mean any child who has difficulty accessing mainstream play spaces,
due to developmental difficulties of any kind, including social / communication

Play with FriendsSmall PartiesFamily Fun-time!

Physio / PhysicalSafe Space


This space can currently be used by families who have a child with additional needs,
by arrangement with our volunteers. They can bring along siblings, other family members
or friends to play in a small but friendly environment.



However, we are keen to develop opportunities for such families to meet, play together
and make friends. If you would be interested, please contact us: see below




 When using the Rainbow Room, your 
children are your own responsibility 
and must never be left unsupervised.

Maximum of 10 children
Cost £1 per child


how to book the rainbow roow

 For more information contact

Jacqui Ko

by e-mail

or phone on (01689) 871601

You can download the user pack here.