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ReD - Youth group for ages 11 to 18!



ReD is an after school group called Friday’s; 4.30pm - 6.00pm.  The cost involved is £1 for entry!  There is also a tuck shop with sweets and drinks for sale!  We enjoy games (such as pool, air hockey, table tennis, football, computer games) or just catching up with friends sitting on the sofas!  During the session, there is also a discussion while we share some food!


We host trips and events throughout the year including Movie Nights )with pizza and popcorn!) and special events.  Young people also have an opportunity to join our bands (Big Bible Band or Jammin' with Jesus) or drama group.



Dates for this Term


3rd May

10th May

11th May (Saturday) - Movie night (TBC)

17th May

24th May


14th June

21st June

28th June

5th July - Summer BBQ

13th July (Saturday) - Pizza Express




for more information


please contact Andrena Palmer, 

Youth Minister:

by email

or phone 07599 090425