the alpha course

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the meaning of life.

It's fun, relaxed with no pressure.

Sometimes it's easier to not ask questions, but on Alpha we think life is worth exploring, so your questions are welcome no matter how weird you fear they may be.



I joined the Alpha course because I wanted to explore spirituality and had it recommended through a friend.


Honestly I was very sceptical about its purpose, and very unknowledgeable about the bible. I worried that I would be pushed into things I was uncomfortable with, seem ignorant or cajoled into converting.


I can honestly say that I did not need to worry. Each members individual views were accepted and the group encouraged discussion on the variety of belief’s and non-beliefs in order to examine, and challenge teaching of the bible. This inclusive approach meant that, over a few weeks, we got to know each other and genuinely share our honest thoughts. In its own way, this gentle approach lead me to be more comfortable with the ideas of Christianity.


I think that although I have started on a long and uncertain journey as to my own belief’s, the Alpha course run through Christchurch Charterhouse is perfect in equipping you with an ability to explore the questions, to provide support through understanding, and make comfortable some of the more difficult or emotional  discussions which you just cant have in other circumstances.


I would recommend it!

Introduction to the Alpha Course


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