confused ( ) clouds

Mounting debts,
family arguments,
too much on my credit card,
court orders,
threats of bailiffs.

Just struggling to cope
with my money

Where can I turn?


Are you struggling with debt?

Debt has become a huge issue in the last few years. If you are struggling with debt then remember:
  • You will be one of a number in your street or neighborhood.
  • At Christ Church, we want to give what support we can.
  • There are a number of agencies to help or advise you so do not struggle alone if you are not sure of how to tackle your problem.


What can Moneywise Christ Church do to help me?

All Moneywise volunteers have beenon special training to provide meaningful help and support for you in coping with and finding a way of resolving debt issues.

Although they are not certificated advisors they can help provide you with valuable resources for budgeting and provide practical support in persisting with the long road to coming out of financial problems. They are also trained to refer people who need professional advice

We also are available to pray with those who ask us to pray for them.


Moneywise clinics or appointments

If you want a confidential discussion we have access to a private room for this or on other occasions by appointment. Please telephone the Church Office on 01689 871601 or leave your contact details in the church letterbox for the Moneywise Co-ordinator or email

Who are the Christ Church Team and when are they available?

  • Alan Goddard is currently working for CAB and is available by appointment or can give you an initial phone call.
  • Andy Lynch has long experience in the banking sector and is available by appointment.

Alan Goddard has worked in Housing management for inner London Boroughs for 23 years and has also worked in Housing Benefit and Council Tax. He currently works part-time for Orpington Citizens Advice Bureau and has had wide experience of dealing with debt problems.

"Helping someone who cannot see a way forward for their difficulties, is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job at CAB".

Andy Lynch has worked in the banking industry for 27 years, including years spent in Credit roles making lending decisions for corporate customers. 




Citizens Advice Bromley 

Visit website for Orpington outreach locations

Telephone 0300 3309 039

– open 7 days a week


Bromley Council

Housing Benefit
Council tax benefit
Council tax
0300 303 8670


Credit Union

020 8778 4738


Age UK Bromley

020 8315 1850


Job Centre Plus

0800 055 6688
Bromley : 0845 604 3719



116 123


Step Change

0800 138 1111

Mon – Fri 8am to 8pm
The UK's leading debt charity offers free online "Debt Remedy" tool as well as confidential telephone support.



0300 100 1234