june 14th celebrations & new sermon series

Dear Friends,


Final 75th Anniversary Celebration – 14th June


The final event of our celebratory year will take place on Sunday 14th June.  There will be a 9am Holy Communion service in the Chapel.  This will be followed by an All Age Celebration Service at 10.30am culminating outside with the planting of a 75th Anniversary tree. 


There will be a Bring and Share Picnic to close the occasion.  Please do bring picnic blankets and chairs.  Tables and chairs will, however, if available for those unable to bring their own.  There is a sign up list at the back of church – the idea is that people will contribute picnic food (finger food) which will be shared among those attending.  If possible, please bring food that needs to be kept chilled to the kitchen in a cool box (with an ice pack inside) so that we don’t run out of room in the fridge.


New sermon series


We start two sermon series at our morning and evening services on 7th June.


The morning series is about sharing our faith.  Please find below an article about our Archbishop, Justin Welby, sharing his faith.  Many of our home groups will also be studying this subject with Canon J John’s ‘The Natural Evangelism Course’.



In the evening services, we will be learning together from the HTB DVD resource LIFETRACK. In the previous years, we have benefitted from thinking through matters of doctrine using FAITHTRACK and  issues in the Bible, using BIBLETRACK.  LIFETRACK offers compelling teaching on a number of different subjects.  We start the series with the well-known Christian teacher Mark Greene who will help us to think about the importance of work.  His teaching doesn't simply apply to those who are in paid employment but to anyone who wants to think about the balance of activity and rest, from the biblical perspective.  After each video talk, there will be time for questions and discussion afterwards.



Andy Goddard

Parish Administrator