kirsty newton

Dear friends,


As you know, we called a day of prayer and fasting for Kirsty Newton last Thursday.


For over two decades she has suffered from a rare and persistent form of epilepsy.   In recent weeks, the epileptic fits have become more frequent and the impact on Kirsty's physical and mental health has become quite severe.


Many of you committed to pray and fast.  A number of you (who were able) joined us in the chapel for prayer during the day.


I thought that I should update you with an email from Kirsty:


"I am enjoying this lovely burst of good health, long may it continue. I can even think quite logically too!"


We praise God for this and give Him all the glory!  He is sovereign and all things are within his power.

Fasting and prayer are spiritual disciplines that Jesus calls us to exercise at particular times. However, (stating the obvious), they are not a magical way in which we control God.

God is sovereign. He is in charge, and He is the healer.  Yet we can be encouraged at this time, and I would encourage you to consider specific times of prayer and fasting for Kirsty in the coming days. Although we don't have plans to call another day of fasting for Kirsty imminently, we want to continue to hold her (and others) in our prayers. In this way, we can see God bring about the full measure of healing that He has for Kirsty.


These are the prayer pointers that we invite you to use as you pray for Kirsty.


  • A complete healing from the affliction of epilepsy.

  • An end to the seizures that she suffers.

  • An end to the psychotic effects of these seizures.

  • An end to the physical injuries that she suffers from the seizures.

  • Healing from the effects of trauma to the brain- brought on by the seizures.  Postical Psychosis.

  • Physical, emotional, psychological strength for Kirsty in the interim.

  • Physical, emotional, psychological strength for Benjamin, her husband as he helps and supports her.

  • Wisdom to the doctors and medical team who support Kirsty and Benjamin. (Neuroscientists, neuropsychiatrists)

  • Blessing upon the wider family.

  • A deep knowledge of the crucified, risen Saviour.

  • The peace of God which passes all understanding- that it might keep her heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God.


In HIs service,