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This Is What We Do!

  • 3-Sep 10.30am       Holy Communion : Self Denial
  • 10-Sep 9.00am       Holy Communion : Reconcile
  • 17-Sep 10.30am       Morning Worship : Reconcile
  • 24-Sep 9.00am       Holy Communion : Forgive
  • 24-Sep 10.30am       Morning Worship : Forgive
  • 1-Oct 10.30am       Holy Communion : Show Generosity
  • 15-Oct 10.30am       Morning Worship : Inclusion?
  • 22-Oct 9.00am       Holy Communion : Secular Authority
  • 22-Oct 10.30am       Morning Worship : Secular Authority
  • 29-Oct 9.00am       Holy Communion : The Greatest Commandment
  • 29-Oct 10.30am       Morning Worship : The Greatest Commandment
  • 5-Nov 10.30am       Holy Communion : Don't be Deceived
  • 19-Nov 10.30am       Morning Worship : Use out Talents

sermon recordings
10-Sep    Serve the Poor
  Dr Allison Dennis (Tearfund)
17-Sep    This is what we do! - Reconcile
  Revd Jay Colwill
1-Oct    Show Generosity
  Martin Hayward
15-Oct    This Is What We Do: Include
  Dave Bailey
22-Oct    Secular Authority
  Alan Goddard
29-Oct    This is what we do - the greatest commandment
  Gail Haythorne
5-Nov    This is what we do - Don't be decieved
  Revd Jay Colwill
19-Nov    This is what we do - use our talents
  Martin Hayward

current evening series


Hearing God’s Word


A diocesan accredited course for those interested in leading home groups, preaching and teaching,

or just becoming more confident in understanding and interpreting the Bible.



















We are hosting it on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm in place of our evening worship services.


The sessions will last approximately 90 minutes.  


  • 3-Sep 6.30pm     Evening Worship :
  • 17-Sep 6.30pm     Evening Worship :
  • 24-Sep 6.30pm     Evening Worship :
  • 1-Oct 6.30pm     Evening Worship :
  • 8-Oct 6.30pm     Evening Worship :
  • 22-Oct 6.30pm     Evening Worship :

sermon recordings

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