what we do

This Is What We Do!

  • 3-Sep 10.30am       Holy Communion : Self Denial
  • 10-Sep 9.00am       Holy Communion : Reconcile
  • 17-Sep 10.30am       Morning Worship : Reconcile
  • 24-Sep 9.00am       Holy Communion : Forgive
  • 24-Sep 10.30am       Morning Worship : Forgive
  • 1-Oct 10.30am       Holy Communion : Show Generosity
  • 15-Oct 10.30am       Morning Worship : Inclusion?
  • 22-Oct 9.00am       Holy Communion : Secular Authority
  • 22-Oct 10.30am       Morning Worship : Secular Authority
  • 29-Oct 9.00am       Holy Communion : The Greatest Commandment
  • 29-Oct 10.30am       Morning Worship : The Greatest Commandment
  • 5-Nov 10.30am       Holy Communion : Don't be Deceived
  • 19-Nov 10.30am       Morning Worship : Use out Talents

sermon recordings
10-Sep    Serve the Poor
  Dr Allison Dennis (Tearfund)
17-Sep    This is what we do! - Reconcile
  Revd Jay Colwill
1-Oct    Show Generosity
  Martin Hayward
15-Oct    This Is What We Do: Include
  Dave Bailey
22-Oct    Secular Authority
  Alan Goddard
29-Oct    This is what we do - the greatest commandment
  Gail Haythorne
5-Nov    This is what we do - Don't be decieved
  Revd Jay Colwill
19-Nov    This is what we do - use our talents
  Martin Hayward

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