along the discipleship road

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By choosing to follow Jesus, setting off on the road of discipleship, we embark upon an adventure that will challenge us and take us into unknown territory, Along he way we will surely face all kinds of ‘hills’, times of struggle that present us with a stark challenge: do we press on, growing in strength and determination, or do we give up and turn back?

This book explores what we can learn from the stories of some of Jesus’ disciples: Andrew, Peter, James, Mary Magdalene, Thomas and Matthew. Their experiences, their triumphs and failures of faith and, above all, their relationship with Jesus offer us help and guidance as we seek to follow him as disciples today.

Bishop Mike Hill of Bristol says:

"Jay Colwill is passionate about discipleship. His book is an excellent example of practical and biblical common sense, and presents readers with a unique opportunity to grow in their discipleship. His experience as a pastor and teacher seeps through every page."

From: The Church of England Newspaper - 07 April 2006

Along the Discipleship Road by author Jay Colwill, vicar and mountain bike enthusiast, advises us on how to navigate those awkward ‘obstacles’, ‘forks in the road’ and ‘mires’ which challenge our spiritual lives. Focussing on his cycling experiences and the lives of Andrew, Peter, James, Mary Magdalene, Thomas and Matthew, the author presents a heartening message to any weary traveller. Covering issues such as faith and doubt in the light of St Thomas and dealing with addictions and dependency, via Mary Magdalene’s example, there’s something for everyone in this entertaining and encouraging read.

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