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Welcome to the

Youth Ministry


Here at Christ Church we love seeing young people being transformed spiritually and encouraging young people to engage in relevant and relational evangelism.


Pathfinders is an interactive Sunday morning group for school years 7-9 which shows that Christianity is relevant and fun to young people today.  Outside of Covid-19, we usually meet in the Church at 10:30am and then move downstairs to the Undercroft (rooms below the church) for our group.  At Pathfinders we enjoy an informal and relaxed atmosphere and encourage young people with Bible study, discussions, video clips and games.


At the moment during Covid, it is online at 11:40am on our Facebook page, after the 10:30am service.


Juice meets on Sunday evening (5:30pm) in the café area at Christ Church.  Juice is

for young people who are school years 10 and above who want to know God and spend time with great friends.  Juice is a place where you can be yourself and hear something about how

great our God is! Outside of Covid, Juice begins with refreshments in the café and worship with the evening congregation.  We then move downstairs to the Undercroft for our session. 


At the moment during Covid, we meet on Zoom at 5:30pm for about an hour and enjoy discussions and bible orientated study. 


We usually have an after school group called ReD. on Thursdays; 4:30-6pm.  The cost involved is £1 for entry. There is a tuck shop with sweets and drinks for sale. We enjoy games (such as pool, air hockey, table tennis, football, computer games, or just catching up with friends sitting on the sofas.  During the session there is also a discussion.  This group is for those in Yr 7-8 and is a great opportunity for you to meet up with friends from your Primary school. 


At the moment during Covid, this is not happening.


For all our young people we host trips and events throughout the year including Movie Nights (with pizza and popcorn), trips and special events.  Young people also have an opportunity to join one of our bands (Jammin’ With Jesus or one of the church worship groups).


For further information, please contact Andi Smith our Youth Minister on 






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If you would like further information about any of the ministries please contact

the CCO Youth Team

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